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We are parents of two children ourselves and have endeavoured to use our combined 40 years of professional experiences in Psychology, Cognitive and Design Engineering, Space science and Robotics, into the design of these baby books.

DR IYA WHITELEY is a Clinical Psychologist and Cognitive Engineer. She designs both equipment and training programmes to improve the performance of highly trained professionals, including military pilots, astronauts, cosmonauts and surgeons. Iya worked at the European Astronaut Centre (European Space Agency) in Cologne, Germany and collaborates with NASA and the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre in Star City, Russia. Since having her own children, Iya now designs visual books for babies to tap into their developmental potential and give them the best possible start on our unique planet Earth.

DR GRAHAM WHITELEY trained as a Design Engineer. He is a robotics designer and inventor. Graham devises new concepts and realises them using state of the art mechanical and electrical engineering. Graham helped design the world’s first five-fingered prosthetic hand which is now worn by thousands of people, making their everyday quality of life that little bit better. The hand won the Da Vinci award and was named one of the top inventions of 2008 by Time Magazine. He has also designed the Schunk SVH, the world’s first serially produced anthropomorphic robot hand.

Iya and Graham’s priorities are making the world a better place for their children, so that our children on Earth may realise their full potential and continue to explore our wondrous Universe and keep uncovering its secrets.

Feel free to explore Iya and her team’s current work at the Centre for Space Medicine at the University College London, United Kingdom, as well as Graham’s work at Elumotion and Wavedrives.

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Title: Andromeda Galaxy seen in visible light
Released: 04/01/2011 2:57 pm
Copyright: Robert Gendler
The Andromeda Galaxy is our nearest large galactic neighbour. It contains several hundred billion stars, and is captured here at optical wavelengths. Hot stars shine with blue light, while cooler stars shine yellow.
European Space Agency (ESA) Id: 236002