We have just launched our special ASTRONAUT IN TRAINING BACK TO SCHOOL collection to nurture the dreams and spirit of exploration of our younger generation. All products you buy can be personalised, by adding child’s name.

All products are HAND MADE IN LONDON in 1-2 DAYS and can be personalised with child’s name or text.

Iya’s baby product line is expanding, based on her art from black and white baby books inspired by nature and human engineering marvels is now available on a personalised black and white baby picture cube. These images on baby cube were specifically designed for newborn babies as high contrast black and white pictures to improve concentration and help acquire early life skills, which are essential for successful learning and interaction.

Our personalised black and white baby cube provide a visual stimulating and tactile use for your baby. We make custom cubes by printing on fantastic cushion fabric and stitching it to perfectly fit a wide range of firm foam cubes from small personalised with baby name initials or photos on cubes for baby, to huge printed cubes you can even sit on.