Cosmic Baby Books; Newborn; Reading; Black and WhiteCaptain A is fixated at the amazing Earth Designs book – ❤️❤️ Thank you so much Iya Whiteley ❤️❤️ What a brilliant creation and such amazing examples! This is the baby-understandable version of the Pioneer Discs. Highly recommended reading for all who wish to encourage their little ones to reach for the stars!.’
Mum and Captain A

Cosmic Baby Books; Newborn; Black and White picture; looking

‘…Thank you so much for the book. As you can see in photos my grand-daughter is already reacting to the images. She was born 3 months prematurely so although she is 11 weeks old in the pictures, her “biological age” could be considered as minus 2 weeks.’
Happy Grandfather, Pat


Anne Shiner; KleinKinder; Montessori; Nursery; Primary school; Early years education; teacher‘…they [Iya and Graham] have joined forces and created an amazing world, accessible to all, where science and art merge for human contemplation. Maria Montessori talked of ‘seeking order’ as a human tendency and the pages of this book provide incredible images where order and beauty can be sought to satisfy this human sensibility as well as being a unique resource to seek knowledge of our universe in the micro and macro.’
KleinKinder Montessori, Anne Shiner

Maria Danishvar Brown; Painter; Singer; Artist ‘The EARTH DESIGNS are a wonderful invention in the world where children are exposed to vast sea of information, sometimes dissonant and chaotic. They [EARTH DESIGNS images] help a young developing mind to tune into natural harmonics of symmetry, rhythmical patterns and the logic behind the laws of creation. Such visual stimuli will nurture the imagination and appreciation of harmony.’
Painter and Art Lecturer, Maria Davinshvar Brown

Dr Olga Bogatyreva; BioTRIZ; biomimetics; ‘A most wonderful introduction to
the intricate designs hidden in science and nature’

Doctor of Science, Olga Bogatyreva and
Biologist, Dr Nikolaj Bogatyrev

Dr Raymond H Hamden; Clinical Psychologist; Psychologist's Chair‘… gives fresh stimulation for young brains … provides cognitive encouragement which can increase the desire to learn, to question, and to find logic of the world.”’
Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Raymond H. Hamden,
The Foundation For International Human Relations, Washington, DC.

Bella Mama, Music CD, children, seasonal songs‘This beautiful book is a unique blend of
mesmerising images for young eyes

and fascinating facts to enlighten any parent’
Chrissie Weltike – Early years Educator
Wonderful educational BELLA MAMMA music CD for children

Laura Cragg; Young Living; Essential Oils;‘I highly recommend this book.
You’ll love looking at it as much as your baby does and
that is so important when encouraging a child’s development.
There’s a lot of validity in the power of black and white images to young babies
and this is a really nice way to share the experience with them.’
Laura, Somerset, UK