We prepared ourself… well, no, not really. We had no idea what life is really like as parents to a newborn, we had to roll with the punches somewhat and that included making the most of our first Valentines Day.

The reality is that you’re unlikely to be able to sit down, enjoy a two hour dinner and a few glasses of champagne but you can do some simple things – mini celebrations – during the course of the day to make the most of it.

Here is one ideas which can help you to plan ahead and to give you time with your partner to celebrate, here’s the first.

Idea: Light up candles!

If your baby is fidgety, the flickering flame in a dimly lit room will attract their attention and mesmerise them. Newborn babies are naturally attracted and greatly benefit from observing high contrast objects, images and surroundings.

If your baby is anything like our daughter, you will have twenty minutes of peace every hour and a half and even then it will be while she breastfeeds! Dining out was not an option for us.

It took a little planning ahead to enjoy our first celebration with our baby girl but we managed it. I found some candles that we did not end up using during labour, put them on the table with matches ready to light them and I earmarked my favourite china. Meanwhile, my husband cooked and froze loads of my favourite spinach lasagne and a delicious shepherds pie with sweet potatoes before our baby girl was born. We took that out the night before to defrost in the fridge. Our menu might not have been your typical romantic dinner, but I needed all the iron I could get from our meals. You might decide on a takeaway, it doesn’t really matter what you eat, it’s more about who you’re with and making time for it!

We calculated that in one hour and a half we would have a twenty minute window for our dinner. We started the oven, set the table and had the candles ready to keep our newborn baby girl engaged while we savoured our time together.

What we now realise is that babies are like air. These tiny and captivating creatures rush into our lives and fill every molecule of space and time we have available. Of course, we willingly gave to both our daughter and son every spare moment and LOVE that we have!

It’s important though, to remember to give our partners the same love and attention and share activities that we enjoy. Valentines Day is one opportunity to do exactly that!

With LOVE from Cosmic Baby Books

PS more tips and ideas on ‘mini celebrations’ with a newborn baby for parents are on my blog at the ‘Selfishmother’. Let me know what you do to celebrate special occasions.


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