was born when our second child, baby boy, arrived to our family to circumnavigate with us the Sun on our beautiful spaceship – Earth. We want our baby and those lucky babies whose parents choose to introduce them from newborn age to the magnificent creations of the Human race, Nature and the Universe at large, to be stimulated and to develop their perception from a newborn age. As babies brains develop at lightning speeds at this young age making new connections and generating new pathways in the brain, like they never would later in life.

sample page from the book, EARTH DESIGNS FOR NEWBORNS AND BABIES

sample page from the book,

OUR GOAL is to captivate babies’ attention through naturally attractive to them contrasting black and white images of world marvellous designs.

OUR IMAGES are carefully selected based on the latest scientific findings. Images are hand drawn specifically to help newborns and babies attention and concentration development that assists in learning, absorbing information and stimulating growth of the brain.

OUR BOOKS are designed for adults and babies to enjoy together. There are two levels of information – facts for the parent, and images for both baby and parent. The book is intended for all ages, from newborn due contrasting images, for primary and secondary school age siblings due to fascinating facts and accompanying illustrations; and up to a hundred years old, as great grandparents will equally relish the time spent with their loved ones marvelling through these books.